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Elisabeth Filarski nude pics

Elisabeth Filarski, the super cute star of Survivor 2, recently got married to ex Boston College quarterback Tim Hasselback, breaking the hearts of millions of male fans. Fortunately for us, Liz once posed nude for a college art class!


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Elisabeth's Biography

Elisabeth Filarski is a recent graduate from Boston College living in Newton, Massachusetts. She is a footwear designer and spends her free time creating greeting cards and personalized planners, running and hanging out with her friends and family.

Prior to Boston, Liz lived in Providence and Cranston, Rhode Island, spent time in Belize teaching in the rainforest and spent three weeks in Italy developing products for her job.

She describes herself as impulsive, intuitive, and devoted. Elisabeth enjoys watching football, partaking in outdoor sports, and listening to her brother Kenny jam on his guitar. Filarski played softball while attending Boston College.

Her birth date is May 28, 1977.